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Delivery of pipes

Our company delivers pipes by special-purpose transport across the whole territory of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, as well as to Baltic and Scandinavian countries. If necessary, delivery to other European countries can be considered as well.

To confirm the conditions and cost of delivery, contact the managers of the company, who will be glad to answer all the questions you have.

Our company delivers pipes by means of special-purpose road or rail transport.

Delivery by rail transport

This kind of delivery is the cheapest. Using rail transport you can deliver pipes to any point of Russia and near abroad. The drawback of this way is high price for delivery of small pipe consignments. Besides, not all steel pipe delivery points are provided with access roads for unloading. In some cases it is more reasonable to deliver pipes by road.

Delivery by road transport

Steel pipes have standard length of 14 and 12 meters. In case of large scale delivery it is allowed to load the vehicle with some per cent of other length pipes. Small size pipes are delivered tied in bundles. Extra-small pipes can be delivered in rolls.

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