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Reference calculations

This section of the website contains reference calculations. Here you can do preliminary calculation of pipes delivery cost. At the territory of Russia pipes can be transported by rail and by road.

Delivery by rail transport

This kind of delivery is the cheapest. Using rail transport you can deliver pipes to any point of Russia and near abroad. The drawback of this way is high price for delivery of small pipe consignments. Besides, not all steel pipe delivery points are provided with access roads for unloading. In some cases it is more reasonable to deliver pipes by road.

Delivery by road transport

Steel pipes have standard length of 14 and 12 meters. In case of large scale delivery it is allowed to load the vehicle with some per cent of other length pipes. Small size pipes are delivered tied in bundles. Extra-small pipes can be delivered in rolls.

Certificate of standard rates of transport loading

Pipes of any size are transported as per the basic rules. Steel pipes, as well as pipes of other metals, are heavyweight and highly moving. Hence, during delivery by road transport pipes are often rolling over the truck bed and can change the vehicle alignment, on the speed it can result in an accident.

In order to avoid the abovementioned accidents, it is necessary to strictly observe plans and rules of pipe loading. Pipes of any size should be safely fastened on the truck bed. In case the pipe length exceeds the bed length, protruding ends shall be additionally colored (marked) using some bright object, noticeable at sunlight. In the headlights pipe ends should be marked using a red light.

Pipe running meter weight calculation

You can determine the transport quantity requirement for pipes delivery, using the service of the standard rate of transport loading calculation. You can calculate the weight of the steel pipe running meter right on the website using online calculator.

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