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TrubProm has its own facilities for large diameter pipes and steel pipe bends manufacturing. Availability of own production facilities and absence of intermediaries gives us an opportunity to fix minimum market prices for our products, without compromising their quality. TrubProm, as a steel pipes manufacturing plant, can offer to its client a flexible discount system.

The plant manufactures pipes varying in diameter from 720 to 2820 mm. Manufacturing of customized products is possible, e.g. pipe 920 mm in diameter. Pipes are manufactured as per GOST 10706-76; 10704-94; 20295-85; of steel strength grades К38 - К60 with operating pressure up to 25 atm. by means of sheet rolling and submerged automatic arc welding. Engineers of the plant have developed TU 1381-001-30265687-2011 for main gas and oil pipeline casings.

Pipes are delivered with external triple- or double-layer anticorrosive polyethylene coating (extra-heavy duty), concrete weight coating (sand cement insulation) and polyurethane foam insulation (PE and galv.). Our steel pipes and steel pipe bends are least of all affected by temperature differentials and deformation, characterized by high performance and long service life.

Products of the complex have and conform to the certificates of international quality standards for main water pipelines and hot water systems:

  • Approval of the Interregional Territorial Administration of Rostechnadzorfor ecological, technological and nuclear supervision (obtainedin 2012);
  • Certificate of conformity to the requirements of regulatory documents as per GOST 20295-85; 10706-76 (obtainedin 2011).

Quality of electric-welded pipes ensures:

  • incoming inspection of welding materials and sheet steel quality;
  • ultrasonic testing of weld seams;
  • inspection of beveled pipe end surface;
  • hydraulic testing of each pipe or one pipe of a lot, as requested by the customer;
  • mechanical testing of weld seams of pipes and base metal, as requested by the customer;
  • visual examination of external and internal surface and measurement of pipes geometry;
  • pipes marking to provide for identification criteria and products traceability.

Location map of “TrubProm” production shop

The production shop is located at the address:
Russian Federation
142200, Moscow region, Serpukhovsky district, Serpukhov, Pushkina Str., 45 (at the territory of the Serpukhov Motor-car Factory).

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