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TrubProm Company Group has carried on business on the market of large diameter steel pipes since 2004. In 2011 LLC TrubProm put into operation the pipe-rolling shop to produce large diameter pipes. At present "TrubProm" is one of the leading suppliers of steel pipes on the Russian market.

Over 2000 tons of a wide range of pipes from 530 to 2820 mm in diameter are always in stock and available for sale. We offer favorable terms, prompt delivery and flexible fulfilling of orders.

Renovation of production

The company is actively renovating production facilities of the plant within the Strategic investment program to 2014 in order to introduce state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, to provide for manufacturing of high-tech products.

All products fully comply with GOST and confirm the approval obtained from the Interregional Territorial Administration of Rostechnadzor for ecological, technological and nuclear supervisionin 2012. In 2011 TrubProm obtained the certificate of conformity to the requirements of regulatory documents as per GOST 20295-85; 10706-76.

Key characteristics of production:

  • Pipes are manufactured as per GOST 10706-76; 10704-94; 20295-85 of steel strength grades from К38 to К60.
  • Engineers of the plant have developed TU 1381-001-30265687-2011 and TU 1381-001-18014273-2012 for gas and oil pipelines.
  • Pipes are delivered with externaltriple- or double-layer extra-heavy duty coating, sand cement coating and polyurethane foam insulation.

Pipes from TrubProm company are remarkable for consistently high quality, strength, long life, and the main thing – favorable price!

The address of the production shop and the location map you can find here.

Large diameter pipes catalogue

For the moment our company manufactures and offers for sale large diameter pipes from 630 mm to 2820 mm: new electric-welded, stainless and insulated. Our catalogue of large size pipes presents the most recent arrivals of pipe products in store, as well as special offers for sale as of the current date.

Category Pipe, diameter x wall thickness, mm Steel grade Price USD
New electric-welded pipes Pipe new electric-welded 630 st.3, st.20, 09G2S, 17G1S on request
New electric-welded pipes Pipe new electric-welded 1320 st.3, st.20, 09G2S, 17G1S on request
New electric-welded pipes Pipe new electric-welded 1920 st.3, st.20, 09G2S, 17G1S on request
New electric-welded pipes Pipe new electric-welded 2220 st.3, st.20, 09G2S, 17G1S on request

How to buy large diameter steel pipes

You can order pipes directly from the website. Discount system is developed depending on the volume of delivery. Deferred payment option is provided for.

Pipes delivery and treatment services

TrubProm offers services on delivery, insulation and cutting of new large size steel pipes.

Pipes are delivered by road and rail.

Delivery by rail is the cheapest way to deliver steel pipes to any point of our country and near abroad. The drawback of this way is a high price for delivery of small pipe consignments and necessity of access to the delivery point for their unloading. In some cases it is more reasonable to deliver pipes by road.

Pipes insulation includes coatings of extra-heavy duty extruded polyethylene, sand cement coating and polyurethane foam. The latter type of insulation can be galvanized or PE coated.

There is an option of large diameter pipes cutting in any length sections if requested by customer.

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